I loved this workshop and it sparked off new directions for my writing. The co-constructive writing environment and communal focus on writing couplets according to the framework of Liuhebafa lead to a wonderful group poem, which challenged my solitary production style. I later adapted this format to work with English language teachers and learners at a conference in Indonesia focusing on Creative Writing in the Asian context to great success. The workshop has given me fresh ideas to use not only with my language learners but also to sharpen my own writing style. Thanks Kim and all the participants!! ~Richard McCullough

I found the class to be a physical miracle of sorts.  The bodywork you taught us was unlike anything I had ever experienced or felt and, along with the writing exercises, was unknowingly exactly what I was looking for to spark some form of creativity.  My reason for taking your class was for some much needed “me” time.  Thank you so much for running with such a great collaboration and making it so.  ~Katherine Kopriva

Thank you so much for the engaging workshop.  I had been feeling a bit stalled with respect to writing poetry and I left the workshop feeling freed up. ~Sonja Arntzen

A mind-opening experience. What you do is phenomenal, Kim. ~Maggie

I have been studying T’ai Chi for two years and writing poetry for longer. But it wasn’t until I took this workshop that I finally experienced the connection between the two. Maybe it was sitting down to write immediately after doing the movements. Whatever it was, it worked! And it’s still working. I have been writing every day since taking your workshop last month. ~Raymond

I signed up for this workshop to see how it might help my poetry. And I ended up with something that transformed my life! This is so much more than a creative writing workshop, Kim. The healing sounds have already made a profound difference in my life and health. Thank you! ~Peg

Haven’t stopped writing! Your workshop showed me how to have a dialogue with my body. I am writing a new series of poems to each of my organs. Heart just wrote back. 🙂 ~Justine

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  1. Dorie says:

    What a plarsuee to meet someone who thinks so clearly

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