UPDATE: I am not currently offering any ongoing classes so that I can focus my full attention on my writing while I complete a couple of new books. I can still be booked to offer workshops (half-day, full-day, or weekend). These workshops have been very popular at literary festivals, dance festivals, schools, and elsewhere. Thank you all for your support! To contact me about offering a workshop to your group or at your event, email

The WayI began studying Liuhebafa in 1997. The initial challenge was to simply learn the 66-move form with all of its nuances and complexities and underlying principles. My focus and practice then shifted to the martial applications of the various moves, since that was the primary interest of my teacher, Josh Crossley. But Liuhebafa soon became much more than a technical exercise for me. It became a blueprint for living a life as well as a pathway for personal transformation and creative rejuvenation. And now it is my turn to share some of what I have learned over the years.

I offer a variety of health and creativity workshops for writers (and other folks) that involve the basic movements and principles of Liuhebafa, T’ai Chi and Qigong to help you cultivate your inner energies, heighten awareness, and forge a tighter mind-body connection.

I combine this physical instruction with guided creative writing exercises, so that once you have awakened your creative powers with the bodywork of Liuhebafa and the energy work of Qigong, your creativity can immediately manifest on the page. The results are quite often astounding!

Read some testimonials here.

I am happy to work with small groups. So if you are interested in one of these workshops and can round up a few friends, or if you would like to be put on a mailing list to be notified of my upcoming courses and workshops, please contact me at .

All workshops and courses are well suited to people currently writing poetry, fiction or creative nonfiction. Or for writers who are stuck and need a creative kick-start. Or for people just beginning to explore their creative abilities with writing. No prior background in martial arts is necessary.

I am developing new workshops and courses all the time. Here are a few of my more popular offerings:

Five Clouds Hold the Sun: BODY TALK

This is a six-week course (one 3-hour class per week) exploring the hidden energies and virtues of the five principal organs in our bodies through Healing Sounds Qigong. Each week, students will explore one of the body’s organs using healing sounds along with that organ’s corresponding “dragon” from Liuhebafa. Discover what happens to your creative powers when Red Dragon Stirs Water or Green Dragon Stretches Claws. Creative writing exercises will be linked to the specific qualities of each week’s organ for the ultimate mind/body experience. Week 6 will involve unification of all five energies.

Child Delivers Letter: THE ART OF WEATHERGRAMS

A single-day workshop in the ancient meditative practice of writing and hanging weathergrams – a strip of paper containing a personal message or poem, hung from a tree where it is left to “weather” and eventually return to the earth along with the plants and trees around it. Through a series of writing exercises and selected Liuhebafa movements, participants will arrive at their own weathergram messages, and will then create and hang their weathergrams in a local park. This workshop is about gift-giving, connecting with the larger world around us, and also about letting go – releasing one’s creative manifestation to the Universe where others (unknown to us) may discover it and be affected by it in some way.

Geese Flying in Pairs: PUSH-HANDS POETICS

A single-day workshop in which participants will be introduced to the two-person practice of T’ai Chi Push Hands as well as the creation of two-person poetry (following a specific pattern) – sometimes doing both at once! Despite its name, T’ai Chi Push Hands is about listening and receiving more than pushing. By developing the body’s ability to listen and receive during partner work, we can also increase our mind’s receptivity and our poet’s ear.

Push Boat with Flow of Water: SPONTANEOUS WRITING

The Beat poets always believed “First thought, best thought” where poetry was concerned. But how do you get that first thought to come? Using select Liuhebafa movements to open and expand the body into new realms of sensation, we will also open and expand our minds. Participants will be given specific writing exercises or prompts that build on the experience of each movement they are taught, to generate writing that flows and surprises!

8 Responses to Workshops

  1. joanna_b says:

    Hello, I just moved to Nanaimo and will be in town for a couple more months until I head to Mexico. If you have any upcoming workshops please let me know! Thanks. joanna_b

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  4. Leanne says:

    Good stuff, Kim! Your web page is clean and easy to read and the workshop descriptions suggest an integrated approach to writing/creativity.

    • Kim Goldberg says:

      Thanks, Leanne! 🙂

      • Mirami says:

        Bummer! I’m away until April.
        but, maybe, at another time you will know of a course that will inspire one who loved to write back to it again. I learned of this course thru David’s F’s e-mails so I will watch his postings carefully.

      • Kim Goldberg says:

        Hi Mirami. I will be starting another outdoor “Five Clouds Hold the Sun” course (Healing Sounds Qigong plus creative writing) in the first week of May. And yes, it will be announced on David Fraser’s list again. Would love to have you in the class. Thanks for your interest! 🙂

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