Welcome to the website for my fifth book, Ride Backwards on Dragon: a poet’s journey through Liuhebafa.  A finalist for Canada’s Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, Ride Backwards on Dragon is a collection of 66 linked poems following the 66-move sequence of Liuhebafa, a 1,000-year-old martial art from China that I have been studying since 1997 (with thanks to my teacher Josh Crossley for starting me on this path).

I also include 30 pages of endnotes in the book to help decode the Taoist metaphysical symbolism of the ancient names of all 66 moves, since they are purported to be a hidden recipe for internal alchemy, longevity and even immortality.

Have a look around. In addition to information on the book, I also have some further information on Liuhebafa and the other internal martial arts from China (Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing-I), plus Taoism and Qigong. I also post my nature-themed haiga here. (Haiga is a Japanese literary/art form consisting of a haiku plus an image.)

And check out my creativity workshops involving these practices in my Pen & Dragon: Kung Fu for Writers series.

You can find me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter @KimPigSquash. And don’t forget to check out my Pig Squash Press blog for all the literary goings on, and my Refugium blog for stories of people living with electro-sensitivity.

May you be river flowing, never ceasing,

Kim Goldberg  



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A river otter (haiku)

River Otter

A river otter

passes me on the sidewalk

straight into my poem

poem © Kim Goldberg
image © kootenaynaturephotos.com

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A robin on a maple (haiku)

American Robin

A robin

on a maple in spring bud

shits   sings 

haiku: kim goldberg
photo: herpindiego.com
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Bending each wing (haiku)

Green leaf blur (Goldstream)

bending each wing

tilting, correcting   to fly

between the trees

(poem and image © kim goldberg)
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Night fishing (haiku)

Common Goldeneye (male)-Kim Goldberg

Night fishing—

white disc of Common Goldeneye

beneath full moon

Poem & image © Kim Goldberg
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The Archeologists (haiku)

cedar tree colorful

The archeologists

dissolved the bitumen

and found a forest

(poem & image © kim goldberg)
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Chain-link fence (haiku)

Chain-link fence

Chain-link fence

holding back the wildness—a junco

in each diamond

(Poem & image © Kim Goldberg)
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Seaside promenade

3 shells

Seaside promenade—a young jogger

overtakes me, soft fur

of her seeing eye dog brushing

my bare leg

(Poem & image © Kim Goldberg)
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